Future Faces

Future Faces is a internal project that continues every year around November. They are asking all the isobar designers all over the world to come up with a idea and design to help finding the right people who willing to work for Isobar and fulfill the open vacancies worldwide.


The Idea
The key message this years FutureFaces was and is “Teamwork”. Based on that theme, I decided to deconstruct what the idea of a team was in our agency.

With this idea i visualised a face, the “Future Face” that has build up from different sections/rooms – each representing different aspects of what we do (and aspire to do!). Each room tells something on it’s own based on our philosophy and digital future.

Within this face you could see a lot of innovation like ‘Cloning’ and the rise of ‘Virtual Reality’ in 2016.


The  design process
First of all I came up with the idea creating a face build up with different rooms.  After the idea came to life I needed to think about what went into each. What is going to be part of these rooms and why. I drew all the rooms separately by hand with pen and paper. Afterwards, I scanned them in to create a digital version and combined them to one “Future Face.” and edited them in Photoshop.  Also with this design techniques  I kept the theme from this year “Teamwork” in mind.  I used different design styles and let them work together becoming this final product.

Animation, Design, Illustration, Typography, Video