Design, Illustration, Photography, Typography

Fanta Battle of the Flavours

Fanta Netherlands wanted to introduce a new flavour in a battle format. We came up with Battle of the Flavours; We’ve done this through a complete Instagram takeover. On this instagram takeover we asked two influencers who both represented a taste to battle against each other. First we had Gio who represented Blood Orange and second we had Rutger who represented Peach Apricot.

This Battle took six weeks and each week they had a different battle, for instance, designing a car, collect the most likes and how far are you going for your taste. The Grand finale was held in the amusement park Walibi Holland. In Walibi we had the last couple of battles and announced the winner. In september 2018, Peach Apricot was released in the stores.

My role in this campaign was designing the assets. I’ve created the brand identity of Battle of The Flavours, which includes the main logo, team logos and their style elements. Aside from this, i’ve created the complete Instagram takeover. For one of the battles I designed both Fanta cars taken from the influencers ideas and moodboards. The actual cars were build and wrapped by another company. Other things i made were for example the digital out of home advertising, Social posts and design materials for the Grand finale at Walibi.