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ECCO HyggeSoft Collection

For ECCO we as a team created a campaign to launch the new HyggeSoft collection. A  premium collection of slippers for in and around the house. My role in this team was the visual identity and creation of the visual assets like the Landingpage, Emails, Social, Display etc. Here i wanted to share the look and feel of the Landingpage and the newsletters.

Before I even started building a page I came up with an authentic color pallet. It should express coziness and warmth. In Denmark ‘Hygge’ is often regarded as one of the expressions of the national character
The style should radiate ‘Minimalism’ but with a Cosy vibe. Thats why i came up with these three colors ( Green, Pink and Light Grey )

The Landingpage is a page that tells a story around the slipper. It shows you the versatility and meaning of the product. it also gives you an understanding of the USP like the premium and high-quality leather and the natural wool fused inside of the slipper.

The Newsletters are helping to generate traffic to the landingpage and make people aware of this new premium collection.