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Coty App concept

For the brand COTY, we’ve been asked to come up with creative solutions for their needs. One of their needs was to help the independent hairstylists all over the world. We came up with an idea and that was designing and building an APP. This APP helps the hairstylists bringing more structure into their workflow. In this APP you could also integrate your clients to see the progress and history of their haircuts. Based on this information you could give the clients the right advice in their choices.

Another cool feature is the palette. This is a digital color mixer. based on the result you wanted it gives you the right products to mix and also the right amount of each specific product.

The idea for this app is to make the lives for all the hairstylist a bit better and easier. And because we make it easier they have more time to spend on their client’s hair to make it more beautiful than ever.